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S2021E198 - Episode 198: August 1956, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986 and 1991 Anniversaries

Albums which were released in August 1956, August 1966, August 1971, August 1976, August 1981, August 1986 and August 1991

2 years ago

Episode Notes

65th Anniversary of Bluejean Bop! by Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps

55th Anniversary of The Exciting Wilson Pickett

50th Anniversary of Shaft by Isaac Hayes

45th Anniversary of Amigo by Arlo Guthrie

40th Anniversary of

<pre>- Never Too Much by Luther Vandross - Tattoo You by the Rolling Stones - Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash by The Replacements - A Taste of DNA </pre>

35th Anniversary of

<pre>- Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi - Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc. by Dwight Yoakam </pre>

30th Anniversary of

<pre>- A Wolf in Sheep&#x27;s Clothing by Black Sheep - Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross: The Utopian Experience by P.M. Dawn - Mental Vortex by Coroner - Cypress Hill - Pocket Full of Kryptonite by Spin Doctors - The Comfort Zone by Vanessa Williams - Unquestionable Presence by Atheist </pre>

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